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Halo is an exquisite tableware collection from Denby - each piece comes in a shade of brown which radiates outwards to a deeper hue. It is lustrously finished with Denby's characteristic speckled glaze.

Made in England using locally sourced clay, each piece of Denby stoneware is hand-crafted using pottery skills passed down through generations. Every item of pottery is still expertly glazed by craftsman. The distinctive Denby glazes are renowned for their practicality, durability and resistance to chipping.

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Denby Pottery Halo 16 Piece Dinner Set Denby Pottery Halo 16 Piece Dinner Set
Sale Price:£129.00
Savings: £63.00

Denby Halo Soup / Cereal Bowl Denby Halo Soup / Cereal Bowl
Sale Price:£9.94
Savings: £2.56
Denby Halo Dessert / Salad Plate Denby Halo Wide Rimmed Dessert / Salad Plate
Sale Price:£8.82
Savings: £2.93
Denby Halo Small Mug Denby Halo Small Mug
Sale Price:£8.63
Savings: £2.87
Denby Halo Teacup Denby Halo Teacup
Sale Price:£7.50
Savings: £2.50
Denby Halo Tea Saucer Denby Halo Wide Rimmed Tea Saucer
Sale Price:£6.38
Savings: £2.12